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Majestic Arms® Speed Trigger

Majestic ArmsŪ Speed Trigger for MK II/MK III

Our Speed Trigger was designed with competitive shooting in mind.  We have designed two distinct triggers.   One for the Mark II and Mark III steel frame guns and a different trigger for the 22/45.   This will provide you with the best possible trigger for your particular model. 
  • Longer, with a smooth face
  • Designed with improved ergonomics for more trigger control and an enhanced feel
  • Overtravel stop adjustment screw for a clean let off
  • CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum to precise tolerances
  • Flat black hard coat anodized finish
  • One Trigger For Mark IIand Mark IIISteel Frame Guns 
  • One Trigger For 22/45 Polymer Frame Guns 


Majestic ArmsŪ SpeedTrigger for 22/45











Please specify which model trigger you need when ordering. 

Retail Price $38.95 + S/H for Either Trigger


Majestic Arms® Picatinny Rail

Majestic ArmsŪ Picatinny Rail

Our picatinny rail was designed for the serious shooter.
  • Low profile, does not interfere with iron sight picture
  • 10 slots for maximum versatility
  • Machined to match factory rear sight for a snag-free design and clean look
  • Uses factory pattern screw holes
  • CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Flat black anodized finish 

 Retail Price $34.95 + S/H

Majestic Arms®  Bolt Racker

Majestic ArmsŪ Bolt Racker

Our Bolt Racker allows for effortless cocking of your pistol.
  • Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum
  • Easy to install
  • Can be mounted for right or left handed shooters
  • Flat black anodized finish
  • 3 types for all variations of production

Retail Price $29.95 + S/H

Type 1 - Square
Type 3 - Small Dovetail - 1 1/16"
Type 2 - Large Dovetail - 1 1/4"

Please choose the correct size that corresponds to your bolt.


Majestic Arms® Quick Strike Firing Pin

M.A.Q.S. Firing Pin

  • High Carbon, Spring Steel, Hardened and Tempered
  • CNC Machined to Exact Tolerances
  • High Performance Upgrade or Replacement for Worn Factory Part
Retail Price $16.95 + S/H


 Also available for Ruger® .22 Auto Pistols 

Ext. Mag. Rel. for 22/45(TM)
Ext. Mag. Rel. for Mark I, Mark II(TM)
Ext. Mag. Rel. for Mark III(TM)

Extended Magazine Releases for Mark I, Mark II™, Mark III™, and 22/45™

Retail Price for Extended Magazine Release for Mark I and Mark II™ $23.95 + S/H
Retail Price for Extended magazine release for Mark III™ and 22/45™  $29.95 + S/H

Ext. Bolt Release

Extended Bolt Release for Mark II™ and Mark III™
Retail Price $23.95 + S/H

Auto Extended Bolt Stop/Release for 22/45(TM)

Shooters have asked for an extended bolt release for the Ruger® 22/45. The Majestic Arms® Auto Extended Bolt Stop/Release provides a large checkered knob for quick and easy operation. It also automatically drops when the bolt is retracted on a loaded magazine, thus allowing the shooter to sling shot load the pistol. The Auto Extended Bolt Stop/Release is supplied with a filler screw, so the shooter may remove the knob for a more compact part if they wish. Each part is supplied with the necessary allen keys and easy to follow photo illustrated instructions and carries the Majestic Arms® lifetime warranty. (when used under normal operating conditions)

Retail Price for the Auto Extended Bolt Stop/Release is $34.95 + S/H.

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