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Majestic Arms® manufactures our own Aluma-Lite Target/Varmint Barrels for Ruger® Rimfire Rifles.

Aluma-Lite Barrels

All barrels are available in:  Matte Silver, Polished Silver, Flat Black, Desert Tan, Olive Drab and Battleship Gray.  Silver barrels are coated with a clear polymer for durability.   (Majestic Red is no longer available.)  
 (Prices are the same for any finish.)

Developed by custom gunsmith, Dino Longueira, Aluma-Lite barrels are a unique combination of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and high quality carbon steel.  The heart of an Aluma-Lite barrel is the button-rifled steel insert, which is manufactured by Lothar Walther for Majestic Arms®.  The steel insert is permanently bonded to the aluminum outer shell, then precision machined to produce an extremely accuarte, lightweight, yet affordable barrel.  Test targets shot at 50 yards with target ammo produced groups in the ½" range. Our Aluma-Lite barrels have been featured in The Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire by James E. House (September, 2005) 

Weight: 24 oz. 
Length  17 inches
Rifling:  6 groove: 1 in 16 for .22 lr & .22 mag.
                                1 in 9 for .17 HM 2 & .17 HMR
11° Target Crown
.920 Outside Diameter 
Availbe for 10/22® and 77/22®:
.17 HM 2, .17 HMR 
.22 lr., .22 mag.                             

                 10/22® Barrels          77/22® Barrels          
.22 lr.            $219                      $259               
.22 mag.       $259                      $269
.17 HM 2       $259                      $269
.17 HMR       $269                      $279
(Dealers, please call for pricing.)


Aluma-Lite .17 Caliber

NOTE:   For .17 HM 2 barrels an extra heavy cocking handle and spring assembly is required.  We carry Power Custom Heavy Bolt Handle Assembly for $59.

(All prices subject to change without notice.)


****************Click Here to Download "Build a Custom 10/22" by Dino (As seen in Hot Brass Magazine - Vol. 15)****************


Majestic Arms® Aluma-Lite Barrels
are also available for the Ruger® Charger Pistol.

Ruger® Charger(TM) Pistol with Aluma-Lite Barrels

The same quality and reliability you have come to expect from our 10/22® barrels are also available for the Charger Pistol from Ruger®Pricing:  Same as 10/22® Barrels

Barrels are produced in lengths of :  8", 10", 12", and 14".
Rifling:  6 groove, 1 in 16 for .22 lr. and 1 in 9 for .17HM 2.
.920 outside diameter, 11° Target Crown
Weight:  8" - 11 oz., 10"- 14 oz., 12" - 16 oz., 14" - 19 oz.

These barrels are to be used on .22 Charger Pistols ONLY.  Installation of one of these barrels on a 10/22® rifle receiver would constitute a violation of federal law.  All N.F.A rules apply.
  (All prices subject to change without notice.) 

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