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Our staff is an important part of the success of our business.

Dino at his workbench

Dino at his Workbench

Dino Longueira is an avid sportsman, competition shooter, and has been a master gunsmith for over 35 years. Dino is a graduate of the Pennsylvania School of Gunsmithing and is one of the few licensed gunsmiths in New York City. He has handled warranty work for several major firearms manufacturers and importers during his career and is also an NRA Certified Instructor.

Dino has been involved in every aspect of the firearm industry, from prototype work to sales. Since his work is so creative it has been used in many television series and major motion picture films. He holds several patents for his designs and is a court recognized expert witness and has been a featured guest on several television news shows.

In 1999, Dino decided to start his own company, Majestic Arms®. Here in his own personally designed workshop and production facility, Dino offers everything from repairs to complete custom guns built on the customer's specifications, as well as products of his own design. One of his projects was the MA 4 M.A.R.R.S., a takedown rifle with interchangeable barrels and calibers. (U.S. Patent #7,631,453)  He has designed and created numerous upgrade parts for Ruger® Mark Series Pistols.  He has also written several articles for Gun Tech (A.G.I.) and Hot Brass.

Dino runs Majestic Arms® along with his wife, Joanne and family dog, Jodi. Majestic Arms® has become their home away from home.

Dino and Joanne Longueira and Jodi


Joanne Longueira became involved with the shooting sports after meeting Dino. She is also an avid shooter and has the distinction of being one of the only women licensed by N.Y.P.D. as a gun dealer. Joanne runs the day to day business of Majestic Arms® and also works side by side with Dino in the shop at times.  She also designs and manages our website and most aspects of product management, media relations, marketing, and customer service.

Jodi on the job



Jodi handles our security and serenity and also screens all visitors before allowing them to enter.

Majestic Arms® has been featured in many magazine articles and several books. Among them are American Rifleman, America's 1st Freedom, Gun World, Small Caliber News, Varmint Hunter, Women and Guns, and The Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire by James E. House (September, 2005), American Handgunner, Guns Magazine, Gun Tech Magazine (A.G.I.), Hot Brass, Customize the Ruger® 10/22, 1st Edition by James E. House and Kathleen A. House, and Customize the Ruger® 10/22, 2nd Edition by James E. House and Kathleen A. House.   

Majestic Arms, LTD., 101 A Ellis Street, Staten Island, NY, 10307
 Tel: 718-356-6765, Fax: 718-356-6835

Hours: Monday - Friday 10 AM - 6 PM E.T. 
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